About Us

About Us

About Our Adult Care Facility Serving Lockport, NY

Briarwood Manor is an assisted living facility in Lockport, NY. Our family-owned business offers more than 40 years and three generations of experience in elderly care. Our friendly, caring staff creates a loving, warm atmosphere for residents and visitors. 

Briarwood Manor is a licensed Assisted Living Program (ALP) and is regulated by the Department of Health. Our facility is constructed of fire-resistant materials and is equipped with a fire protection system that is connected to the local fire department. 

Our Grounds & Adult Care Facilities

Our spacious, landscaped grounds feature a porch, a patio, and walking areas. We have a private gardening area and outdoor patio open during the summer season for the residents to enjoy. 

We have small and large appointed lounge areas located throughout. Our professionally decorated furnishings and abundant windows provide a warm atmosphere. We display residents’ artwork throughout the facility to create a home-like setting. In our large lounge area, there is a theater screen built into the ceiling for our residents’ movie viewing pleasure.

Our Rooms 

Our private and semi-private rooms are completely furnished in cheerful décor, and each has a complete private bath which is equipped for safety. Emergency pull cords are conveniently located in each bedroom and bathroom for our residents. These are monitored in each of the aide stations. Handrails and appropriate lighting are along each hallway of the building to ensure our residents’ safety.

Our Residents 

Residents are diverse, as in any community, ranging from middle age to older adults, male and female, single and married, with a variety of ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds. Each resident is supervised and encouraged to reach the fullest potential of their individual capabilities. This is accomplished while maintaining the residents’ independence and providing a stimulating environment.

Our Program 

The activities staff provides and encourages social interaction and self-esteem through a variety of activities and entertainment both in-house and throughout the community. Individual programs are designed to emphasize abilities and compensate for limitations and handicaps. Learn more about our program.  

Case management services provide counsel for residents, families, and friends regarding social, financial, medical, and community resources. The case manager helps develop and sustain social, emotional, and physical wellbeing to the residents during their stays here.
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